Flexible Rail Solutions

Your Business Drives our Business

Watco Australia’s business model is driven by our customers. They are at the centre of our approach that allows us to build comprehensive, integrated rail freight solutions that let us service any industry.

Our depth and breadth of integrated services means our customers benefit from customised supply chain solutions across all modes of transportation, the ability to service any market and the transport of any material or commodity.

We pride ourselves on this approach that helps transform our customers’ businesses – making us your single-source transport and supply chain solution provider.


Mining inputs and exports to and from regional hubs 


From livestock, to bulk grain and anything in between 

containerised logistics


Your smart access to port, Intermodal services to strategically located hubs



Rail infrastructure work train delivery and management 

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Train Services

Shunting, planning & scheduling, maintenance and rail safety

Adaptive solutions to suit your requirements

At Watco we always work hard to create the right solution that will make your operation run like it’s on rails.

We offer a unique tiered solutions approach – that brings just the right amount of expertise and assets to meet your requirements. 

Solution 1

We supply everything allowing you to focus on your core business

Solution 2

Your wagons – we bring the locos and experienced team

Solution 3

Your  trains – we bring the operational expertise

A National Rail Presence

Watco has established rail transport facilities and services in key Australian import and export centres. In Western Australia, Watco operates the major intermodal rail container terminal at the Port of Fremantle along with inland transfer facilities that deliver freight logistics solutions throughout the State. In Queensland, Watco operates bulk grain export rail services and is now the major rail provider of live cattle transport. In New South Wales, Watco operates the BlueScope Port Kembla train services.

Global Backing

Watco Australia is the Australian arm of parent company Watco, a privately owned, transportation and supply chain services company with locations throughout North America.

Watco Australia is able to draw on the enormous resources and knowledge base of international railroad experience. Combine this with the Australian team’s strong understanding of local conditions and operating environment and you have an unbeatable rail logistics provider.

We Can Help

Do you have a logistical problem that dynamic and adaptable rail solutions could possibly solve? Let’s start a conversation to see if there is a creative option that will work for you.

We Can Help

Do you have a logistical problem that dynamic and adaptable rail solutions could possibly solve. Then lets start a conversation to see if there is a creative option that will work for you.

Partnering for Success

Supply chain solutions need a partnership approach to work. Just as importantly, these solutions need to be flexible, practical and timely. Watco’s collaborative approach allows us to offer integrated transport solutions that meet the needs of often niche – but important – domestic, import or export markets.

Intermodal Group in Western Australia provides contanerised rail transportation across Western Australia. Cattle Train provides livestock rail haulage in Queensland.

Let’s Work Together

Need a logistics solution? Collaborate with us to find and approach that works for you.

Value Our Customers

Watco earns our customers’ business every day by providing safe, accurate and timely services.

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