Infrastructure Services

Helping to Keep Trains Running

Rail infrastructure maintenance is vital to the smooth running of the entire rail logistics industry. This includes scheduled maintenance as well as responsive maintenance after extreme weather or emergency events.

Watco has a wealth of experience providing ballast and rail train services across a range of network providers. Watco can provide regular maintenance fleets and services for large scale new rail construction projects.

Because of the sheer size of Australian rail networks, efficiency is paramount to the effective management of infrastructure maintenance programs

Maintaining Rail Networks

The regular and ongoing maintenance of rail infrastructure is vital to ensure a safe and reliable network for the transportation of passengers and freight.

Watco currently provides Arc Infrastructure with dedicated fleets and drivers to assist with their ongoing maintenance programs.

The Arc Infrastructure network in Western Australia, moves over 65 million tonnes annually and relies heavily on rail transport for everything from consumer goods to exporting raw materials globally.

With a rail network two times larger than Great Britain, the maintenance of this rail network is no easy task. Watco works collaboratively with Arc across regions and rail gauges to deliver safe and timely ballast and rail services.

Watco provides rail construction services in metropolitan and remote locations across Australia.

Rail Construction Projects

Watco, with its significant experience, is well placed to provide infrastructure services to the ever-increasing pipeline of rail construction projects across Australia. Regardless of the size or scale of the project, Watco will tailor a solution that works to deliver safe and timely services.

One recent example is the ballast rail services Watco performed for John Holland Rail on Rio Tinto’s Gudai-Darri project in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. This project required Watco Australia to provide fly in fly out (FIFO) drivers and rollingstock maintainers to perform the task over a 12 month period. Watco completed this task with zero injuries or major incidents.

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