Train Services

Expertise to Keep Your Trains on Track

From procurement to scheduling to driver management and executing rollingstock maintenance programs, Watco has the knowledge and expertise to keep your trains on track.

Watco’s dedicated WITS system makes planning, scheduling and driver management a breeze, allowing complex timetables over a range of distances and services across Australia to be operated seamlessly from a single central location. Our Planning & Scheduling solution ensures effective allocation of equipment and workforce to create conflict-free timetables, keeping trains running smoothly.

Watco is all about people…The right people, with a deep understanding of train operations and how to optimise schedules to reduce transit times, minimise delays, and improve overall efficiency

Maintaining the High Standard

Thorough and systematic maintenance of rollingstock is the key to reliability of rail services. Locomotives and wagons are complex mechanical systems and there are hundreds of thousands of moving parts. If a rail service is to be reliable and safe, the equipment must be kept in good working order and regular and systematic maintenance is essential to achieve this.

Watco manages several facilities across Australia to carry out maintenance programs.

Thorough and systematic maintenance is key to reliability of service

We Can Help

Our experienced people can optimise rail freight programs to maximise the utilisation of resources, including your locomotives and wagons.  Identify opportunities to reduce fuel costs and minimise idle time, resulting in cost savings that can enhance profitability. Let’s discuss how.

We Can Help Your Operation Run Better