Rail Safety

Watco operates under the Rail Safety National Law Act and Regulations (2012). Watco is accredited as a Rail Transport Operator for rail freight services in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, and can obtain accreditation in all other states.  This accreditation, initially gained on 28th February 2012, is underpinned by Watco’s Rail Safety and Quality Management System.

Monitoring and Review

Watco understands it is vital that rail haulage safety controls remain effective and are enduring, and as such, are monitored regularly and reviewed annually in addition to Watco’s audit program.

Training and Competency

Watco acknowledges the importance of ensuring that all team members understand the risk management process. The Watco Safety Team provides processes and ongoing support to the key risk management stakeholders within the business to ensure they remain cognizant of the current controls and are competent in the management of their risks. Rail safety training is developed and delivered in line with recognized industry standards utilizing experienced Watco trainer and assessors and external subject matter experts.

Incident Response Capability

Due to the strictly regulated rail environment that Watco operates in, it is standard practice to have a robust and proven emergency management plan in place. These plans must meet legislative obligations and additionally align with the below rail infrastructure operator’s strict requirements to be registered to operate on their rail network.

Our customers have stringent quality assurance codes of practice for the haulage of their products.  Contamination of products must be avoided at all costs, Watco collaborates with incident response agencies to ensure any potential product spillage or contamination scenario is responded to in a timely and effective manner.