Containerised Freight Solutions

The Smart Link to Port

Watco is an industry leader in developing and operating containerised freight intermodal terminals to connect port to rail and ultimately to road transport for the first and final mile.

The transport and logistics industry are vital to local, national and global economies and is an industry where the modes of transportation whether they be by air, land or sea need to work seamlessly in meeting client and customer expectations.

There is little doubt that fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and rising operational costs are among the key issues facing the transport and logistic industry worldwide.

As a community we understand the benefits of fast and efficient rail transport as a way of reducing the urban problems of congestion and pollution and the urgent need to reduce our CO₂ output. At Watco we understand that not only does rail offer part of a solution to the bigger issues but is also the smart solution to the day-to-day ones.

By partnering with our clients, we are able to quickly move up to 600 TEUs per day between North Quay Rail Terminal and Forrestfield Intermodal Terminal, seven days a week resulting in the reduction of more than 100,000 container truck movements on our roads each year.

Watco is an industry leader in the strategic planning, design and operation of containerised freight intermodal terminals.

Leaders in Intermodal Strategy

Containerised freight forms the backbone of any economy, with importers and exporters across all industries utilising containers to move vast amounts of product to and from port facilities. Watco’s track record in developing and operating intermodal terminals allows us to create opportunities for niche markets to use rail to move large volumes of containers cost effectively. Our existing network of outer metro and regional intermodal terminals help connect remote areas, remove congestion around port facilities and improve efficiency of the freight network as a whole.

Intermodal Group’s support for the WA State Government’s aim of increasing container rail freight transport volumes is our active approach to developing Inland Intermodal Terminals (IMTs).

New IMTs will not only drive increased import and export container movements through the North Quay Rail Terminal and the future Westport Outer Harbour but will create a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain that will have corresponding environmental and heavy traffic reduction benefits on metropolitan roads.

Watco’s subsidiary company, Intermodal Group, has developed a WA Supply-Net Strategy to drive planning and development of a network of IMTs in strategic locations at existing and planned commercial and industrial areas within the Perth metropolitan area and select regional centres. 

Containerised freight metro strategy

Thinking Inside the Box

Containerised Bulk Freight Solutions

You’d be surprised what can be achieved with containerised bulk solutions, it just requires a bit of thinking outside the box… or inside the box in this case.

Watco transports approximately 30,000 tonnes weekly throughout the Goldfields and into the Kwinana area via 20 and 40 foot containers, half-height containers and Iso-tainers. This involves a diverse range of products including mining inputs, exports and dangerous goods.

No matter what commodity you are looking to transport, Watco will work with you to find the most appropriate container solution to move your product in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

We Can Help

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