Partners in Success

Watco generates opportunities via strategic rail partnerships and identifying mutual benefits from the volume and efficiency of rail logistics. Watco understands its rail solution must create a win-win outcome for all parties and works hard to ensure everyone benefits.

One of the primary benefits of strategic partnerships with Watco is that we can provide access to new markets and innovative ways of moving freight efficiently. By partnering with Watco, businesses that have a complementary product or service are able to enter new markets that might otherwise be difficult to penetrate due to volume or distance difficulties.

By working together, we can create new solutions through joint initiatives, and shared resources.

Improved Efficiency

A strategic rail alliance can help companies to improve their efficiency by leveraging the efficiency of rail along with the resources and expertise of Watco. By working together, we can leverage each other’s strengths and expertise to achieve our shared goals.

Competitive Advantage

A mutual competitive advantage can be achieved by offering a broader range of products, services and capabilities. By partnering with Watco, customers can create unique offerings in otherwise difficult to service locations and markets. From servicing metro and regional locations with unique containerised freight options, to landing your products at port for efficient export. There are many opportunities for us to work together to create greater value.

Intermodal Group

Leaders in Western Australian Containerised Freight

Intermodal Group is a joint venture between Watco Australia and Qube and is one of Western Australia’s leading freight container logistic and transport operators.

Operating across Western Australia’s regional and metropolitan areas, Intermodal Group is the state’s major import, export and domestic rail freight operator.

Intermodal Group partners with clients to develop smart, efficient, cost effective and sustainable rail freight solutions that overcome supply chain, environmental and traffic congestion challenges.

Watco East West

Cattle Train – Finding Hidden Opportunities 

Operated by Watco East West – a joint venture between Watco Australia and East West Road & Rail. Cattle Train is Queensland’s new and dedicated long and short haul rail service specialising in the transport of live cattle. 

Cattle Train delivers regular, reliable and responsive cattle rail transport services for Queensland’s North West, Central West and South West regions. Focusing on working with graziers, farmers, processors. We partner with trucking companies to provide a more cost effective and reliable supply chain service to market.

The services can transport up to 1,000 cattle per trip along each of the rail corridors ensuring that stock arrives in the best condition possible, including regular inspections while being transported.

The combination of Watco Australia’s ability to deliver cost efficient rail freight services and East West Road & Rail to plan and manage complex freight supply chain services, provides Queensland freight customers a new alternative in delivering innovative and cost-effective rail freight and terminal services.

We Can Help

Watco Australia is eager to work with companies and organisations to realise the potential of rail logistics as a solution to logistical problems. Let’s discuss how we can work together and find some win-win outcomes.

We Can Make Rail Work for You