Adaptive Rail Solutions

Adaptive Rail Solutions to Suit Your Operation

At Watco we are focused on creating services that deliver exceptional results for our customers. We offer tailored rail solutions that bring the right amount of operational expertise and rollingstock to match your requirements.

Watco Australia’s key offerings are:

Locomotive Rail Solutions

Watco has a range of narrow and standard gauge locomotives to suit your task.

wagons Rail Solutions

We will provide you with the best wagon solution to meet your requirements.

Rollingstock Rail Solutions

Our team of experts will ensure that the equipment used for your task will be well maintained and available for service.

train crew icon

Watco employs over 250 drivers across Australia to ensure safe and timely delivery of our customers products.

Watco has an experienced rostering, scheduling, live run, and customer team to support your operation daily.

Rail Solution 1

We supply everything allowing you to focus on your core business

Watco can bring a comprehensive rail solution to your task allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  • Locomotives
  • Wagons
  • Rollingstock maintenance
  • Train crew
  • Operational and customer support


Rail Solution 2

Your wagons – we bring the locos and the experienced team

If your business already has wagons then Watco will supply everything else.

  • Locomotives
  • Rollingstock maintenance
  • Train crew
  • Operational and customer support
Rail Solution 3

Your  trains – we bring the operational expertise

If your business already has locomotives and wagons, Watco can provide our experienced drivers, rollingstock maintenance and support staff.

  • Train crew
  • Rollingstock maintenance
  • Operational and customer support

We Can Help

Do you have a logistical problem that a dynamic and adaptable rail solution could possibly solve? Then let’s start a conversation to see if there is a creative solution that will work for you.

We Can Make Rail Work for You