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Logistic Solutions for Agriculture

Watco’s agriculture rail logistic solutions span the continent, from cattle trains and grain trains in Queensland to hay export logistics and containerised grain solutions for regional producers in Western Australia. Servicing niche market segments is what we excel at.

Rail provides an efficient means of transportation for farmers to move their grain, livestock and other commodities from rural areas to centres for processing or ports for export. It reduces transportation costs and enables farmers to get their products to market more quickly, which can result in improved product quality and increased profits.

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If you have a domestic or export product you need moved safely and efficiently, then let’s start a conversation to see if we can make rail work for you. Or if you see an opportunity to move things better with rail we want to hear from you.

Queensland Cattle Trains

Cattle Train is Queensland’s largest dedicated long and short haul rail service specialising in the transport of live cattle for processing and export.

Cattle Train delivers regular, reliable and responsive cattle rail transport services for Queensland’s North West, Central West and South West regions.

Our services can transport up to 1,000 cattle per trip along each of the rail corridors ensuring that stock arrives in the best condition possible, including regular inspections while being transported.

Operated by Watco East West, Cattle Train focuses on working with graziers, farmers, processors and partners with trucking companies to provide a more cost effective and reliable supply chain service to market.

The combination of Watco Australia’s ability to deliver cost efficient rail freight services and East West road and rail experience to plan and manage complex freight supply chain services, provides Queensland freight customers a new alternative in delivering innovative and cost-effective rail freight and terminal services.

Grain Transport

GrainCorp is a leading Australian agribusiness which operates the largest grain storage and handling network on the east coast of Australia.

Watco provides safe and reliable rail services to GrainCorp through Queensland Central and South West regions – with capacity to haul up to 1 million tonnes per annum.

Our grain train services run up to 44 wagons in length and provide a cost-effective solution for getting GrainCorp’s products to port for export.

These services also reduce significant volumes of trucks on the road resulting in less congestion and ultimately safer roads for the communities in which we operate.

Watco has been operating grain services in Australia since 2012 and has a wealth of expertise in these challenging and dynamic rail tasks.

“The rail network allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively move grain…no other means of transport comes close in terms of carrying capacity. Rail infrastructure into ports and domestic holding and distribution facilities is proven and well established throughout the country.”

GrainCorp Rail and Commercial Contracts Manager, Alex Donnelly

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